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Friday, May 20th, 2016


Two years ago the Syren series of over and unders and semi-autos was introduced in sporting and field versions, coining the advertising phrase “Shotguns for Women”. Just released is the Syren Tempio. The 12g 30" O/U and 12g 32" Un-Single both retail at $6,395 while the 12g 30" O/U and 32" Un-Single Combo  set retail at $8,855. Traditionally women have had to rely on trap guns made for men – but the Syren models address the specific requirements of Lady shooters – starting with the stock with a length of pull at 133/4. (Left hand stocks available.) But LOP isn’t the only difference in a Syren stock, there are other small but subtle differences in the make up of these stocks as well as where the balance point of the gun is.

Further, what about the way a shotgun looks? It’s commonsense to admit that women would love something special – such as different engraving. The Syren Tempio achieves that with an intricate scroll pattern plus the addition of four roses in gold on each receiver side and a pair of roses in gold on the receiver bottom.

At the top of the grip, four roses are laser cut into the stock just above the checkering. There is also a trio of roses engraved on the top of the opening
lever and another duo of roses on the trigger guard. Very attractive.

The Syren Tempio Un-Single I have for testing is similar to the Tempio Caesar Guerini. As you might know, Syren is a division of Caesar Guerini, while Fabarm is also a Guerini division. Consequently, expect to find Syren sporting and field over and unders and semi-autos made on Fabarm receivers and
barrels – but with stocks and other factors tailor-made for women. There are also Syren models built on Caesar Guerini receivers – as per the Tempio for example.

Like all Caesar Guerini shotguns in the USA – the Syren Tempio Trap has an industry leading lifetime warranty and complementary PitStop maintenance program which allows the shooter to send their shotgun in to Guerini once a year (up to three times) for free service and tune up. Both of these advantages (warranty and PitStop) add incredible value.

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