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Sig Sauer P320 Safety & Voluntary Upgrade.

Friday, August 11th, 2017

MDC Firearms is following the information being released about the safety of the Sig Sauer P320 as well as the voluntary upgrade.  Following are a list of resources for our customers to review.  Check back to our News Section regularly as we will post updates as information is received.

According ot the U.S. Department of Justice "We have completed our evaluation of the autoloading pistol model identified above that was submitted to the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ’s) Voluntary Compliance Testing Program (CTP). We are pleased to inform you that the above autoloading pistol model satisfies the requirements of NIJ Standard–0112.03 and the CTP." 
  Download the PDF of the complete Notice of Compliance with NIJ Standard–0112.03

According to Soldier Systems, "SIG acknowledges that the commercial P320, used by armed citizens and members of Law Enforcement, may unintentionally discharge if dropped at a -30deg angle. Consequently, they will be offering a voluntary upgrade." 
  Download the full PDF outlining the testing completed by Soldier Systems

The Gun Control Advisory Board had this to say "National Technical Systems, Inc. has inspected the handguns listed below and found that they are in
compliance with Massachusetts 77 MGLA 140 Section 123 as functional design equivalents of another model that has successfully passed the required testing." 
  Download the full letter in PDF from the Gun Control Advisory Board

Following are a list of industry websites that are covering this situation as it unfolds:

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Soldier Systems (8/8) - SIG SAUER Acknowledges P320 Trigger Issues With -30deg Drop, M17 MHS  Voluntary P320 Upgrade
Guns America (8/8) - Breaking: SIG Sauer Issuing Voluntary Upgrade on P320 Pistols
The Truth About Guns (8/8) - The Mechanics Behind SIG P320 Drop Safety Failures

Guns Over Texas Radio (8/7) - The Sig Sauer P320 drop-safety issue
The Loadout Room (8/5) - EXCLUSIVE: Rumors of Dallas PD Issues with Sig Sauer P320 Are False
Wide Open Spaces (8/5) - Update: Sig Sauer Reaffirms Safety of P320 Pistol
Tactical-Life (8/4) - EXCLUSIVE: Rumors of Dallas PD Issues with Sig Sauer P320 Are False