A thumbhole stock with infinitely adjustable comb that allows for fully relaxed sighting, swinging and hitting. A self-loader that reduces recoil by about 30 percent and makes superfluous the hand motions required for a manual repeater. Ergo, a gun that sets new standards in terms of shooting comfort, ergonomics and handling. Or simply, S 303 Synchro XT.

  • Manual cocking
  • Hard anodized alloy receiver with integral scope mount bases
  • Complete rust protection with Nitrobond-X
  • Removable magazine
  • High-contrast open sights
  • Crisp trigger with minimal creep
  • Synchro XT thumbhole stock with infinitely adjustable comb
  • Quick-detachable sling swivels


  • Caliber Standard: 7x64 // .308 Win. // .30-06 // 8x57IS // 9,3x62
  • Magnum calibers:.300 Win. Mag. // .338 Win. Mag.


  • Total length Medium: 108 cm
  • Total length Magnum: 108 cm
  • Barrel length Medium: 51 cm
  • Barrel length Magnum: 51 cm


  • Total weigth Medium: 3.600 g
  • Total weigth Magnum: 3.600 g
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